Quigley Vans


Is your van equipped to handle the next winter storm? Can it get you anywhere you want to go, or are you limited by its 2WD capabilities? Littleton Chevrolet is here to make sure your workflow doesn’t get interrupted and that you have a van that can take you on every adventure! Stop by the lot and test-drive our 4WD Quigley Vans. Not only will they add functionality to your work fleet, but they’ll ensure you can take any personal adventure your heart desires. Stop by Littleton Chevrolet today and find your customizable Quigley Van!


Just like your regular work van, Quigley Vans can be customized with many upfits, so it can accommodate you and your business or your personal use exactly how you see fit. Upfits are available for the Passenger Van, Cargo Van, and Cutaway Vans. Get the added traction you need with 4WD and maneuver with ease over rough terrain, all while your tools and supplies are still safely stored using shelving or cargo upfits. Contact Littleton Chevrolet to find out if a specific upfit you want is compatible with the Quigley Van!


Only Quigley Vans are designed with versatility in mind! Vans that come straight from the factory are designed with one purpose in mind: work. Quigley takes these standard 2WD work vans and converts them into 4WD, so you can use it for your business during the week and as your off-roading adventure van on the weekends. The 4WD not only offers improved handling during inclement weather, but these vans can also be equipped with a 3-inch Lift for additional ground clearance as it grips rough terrain. Get the versatility you really want out of your van and meaneuver the city during the week, and trek to the unexplored woods and rocky terrain on your days off!

READY AT Littleton Chevrolet

Are you ready to expand your work fleet or get the van that can go wherever you want? Quigley Vans are currently available at Littleton Chevrolet! Stop by today, or give us a call, and we’ll have a Quigley Van waiting for your arrival to test drive! Let us know what you’re looking for, and we can have your Quigley Van custom ordered with the upfits you need.

Only with a van by Quigley can you use it how you choose. With 4WD capabilities it’ll help you work through the harsh New Hampshire winter, or you can use it to explore off the paved path. Stop by Littleton Chevrolet today, and test drive the 4WD Quigley Van to see what you’ve been missing!