Buy Vs Lease

buy vs lease

When looking at vehicles, there are a few options to get into the vehicle you want in a plan that makes sense for you. Leasing and buying both have their own benefits and drawbacks, but it can be hard to weigh those options yourself. That’s why our experts have laid out the information for you, and when you work with the experts at Littleton Chevrolet, you’re getting the best advice and options out there.


There’s not much that can beat the pride of owning your own vehicle. You can modify your vehicle, drive as much as you want without mileage restrictions, and can choose to sell your vehicle whenever you want. Buying a car is more economical when you plan on having your vehicle for a longer period.

Buying does require a higher down payment in most cases and usually has a higher monthly payment. Unless your vehicle is within warranty, you are responsible for repairs and maintenance costs. Also, when you do go to sell it, it’s up to you to handle that process on your own behalf.


Leasing is a great option if you’re looking for lower monthly payments and initial down payment. Because of the lower cost, you can usually get into a newer vehicle for less as well. Most of the repair costs are covered by the warranty. And when the lease ends, the dealership will handle the turning over of the car, and you can more easily swap into a newer vehicle.

You are however limited by your miles with charges for driving over your limit at the end of your lease. Any wear and tear on the vehicle can turn into a charge at the end of the lease, and you cannot modify the leased vehicle in any way. You also may incur penalty charges if you seek to terminate your lease early.

Which option fits your need really depends on what you’re looking for. Luckily, we’ve got all of the information you could want. By talking with our experienced sales team and expert financial advisors, you’ll know where you stand. Our goal is to help you in the process and when you work with Littleton Chevrolet, you can lease or buy with confidence!